Funktafest Flow & Fire Artists

PhirePhamily is a West Virginia-based artist collective, performing for the tri-state area for the last decade. From flow workshops and fire safety classes throughout the day to fire shows all evening. We aim to inspire, entrance, and captivate both children and adults alike to take a step into the flow community, try out different props, and find your flow. The team includes Nina Casto, Gideon Casto, Kate Bell, Trevor Bell, Luke Dudley, Haley Donner, Dylan Evans, and Chelsea Evans.

Halien Donner

Trevor Bell

Katie Bell

Dylan Evans

Gideon Casto

Nina Casto

Luke Dudley

Get to Know the 2023

Funktafest Visual Artists

2-4 PM

Ian Bode

2-4 PM

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8-10 PM

8-10 PM