Frequently Asked Questions

From Music to Event Planning, Food and Parking, Funktafest has it all! Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions!

Can I bring food, drinks, coolers, or tumblers inside the amphitheater at Funktafest 6?

No. Only a single sealed bottle of water per person is allowed past the gate when you enter.


Will there be food and drinks available for purchase at Funktafest 6?

Yes, there will be four food trucks outside the amphitheater in the parking lot (and one inside the amphitheater) and the beer tent will have a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (pop and water) available for purchase. 


Will there be new merchandise for Funktafest 6?

Yes, we have new Funktafest 6 festival t-shirts, Funktafest 6 koozies, Funktafest 6 sticker packs, Funktafest sunglasses, and Funktafest 6 posters available for sale. 


Is there any older Funktafest merchandise available for purchase?

Yes, there’s Funktafest merchandise from last year and even other years’ past at reduced CLEARANCE prices.


Do kids have to buy a ticket at Funktafest 6?

Kids 12 and under are FREE!


Can I bring a lawn chair or blanket to Funktafest 6?

Yes, both are allowed.


Can I re-enter if I leave Funktafest 6 or the Funktafest 6 After Party?

Yes, if you keep your wristband on and it is intact and not been altered, then yes, you may re-enter. 


Are dogs allowed at Funktafest 6?

Yes, as long as they are on a leash and you are responsible in watching and cleaning up after them. 


Can I bring an umbrella to Funktafest 6?

No, you cannot bring an umbrella. 


What time does the gate open at Funktafest 6?

The gates open at 10:00am. 


What time does music start at Funktafest 6?

Music from our acts start at 11:30am.


When does Funktafest 6 end?

The last act is scheduled to finish Funktafest at 10pm.


Does FunkYoga and the Silent Disco cost anything to participate at Funktafest 6?

No, both FunkYoga and the Silent Disco are FREE to all general admission ticket holders. 


What time does FunkYoga and the Silent Disco begin?

FunkYoga begins at noon and the Silent Disco begins at 2:30pm.


What time does FunkYoga and the Silent Disco close? 

FunkYoga will finish at 5pm and the Silent Disco will finish at 9pm.


Will I need to bring my own yoga mat to Funktafest 6? 

Yes, you will need to bring your own mat.


Can I enter or go out the back gate at Funktafest 6?

No, only the musicians / DJs, all other artists/yogis, sound production crew, and coordinators are allowed to enter and exit through the back gate.


What do I get with a purchase of a Funktafest 6 VIP Pass?

You get everything that a Funktafest 6 general admission ticket grants you and you also get:

* Funktafest 6 Swag Bag (Funktafest 6 Sticker pack, Funktafest 6 Koozie, and Funktafest sunglasses)

* Access to Funktafest 6 Hospitality Area which includes snacks and beverages, not to mention catering from The Goods, Pita Pit, Texas Roadhouse, and La Famiglia

* FREE Admission to the Funktafest 6 After Party at THE LOUD after the conclusion of Funktafest 6 ($25 cover)


Can I bring my professional photography equipment to Funktafest 6? 

No, we have hired media to take photographs of Funktafest 6. You’re welcome to casually take pictures with your phone and other technology, but no professional photography. 


Will there be an ATM at Funktafest 6?

Unfortunately, no there will not be an ATM at Funktafest, but all of our money stations: front gate, merchandise, and beer tent take cash and/or credit card as acceptable forms of payment. 


Can I bring fireworks to Funktafest 6?

No you cannot bring fireworks. 


Does my General admission ticket also get me in to the Funktafest 6 After Party at THE LOUD?

No, only the Funktafest 6 VIP Pass grants you FREE admission to the Funktafest 6 After Party.


Can I purchase tickets to the Funktafest 6 After Party?

Yes, you can buy tickets to the Funktafest 6 After Party at the door at THE LOUD. 


How much are tickets to the Funktafest 6 After Party?

Tickets are $25, CASH ONLY!


What time does the Funktafest 6 After Party start?

Doors open at 8pm. Music begins with the DJ on the patio at 9pm. Music from the bands begin at 10pm.


When does the Funktafest 6 After Party end?

It ends around 3:00am.