The M.F.B.

For the last five years, THE M.F.B. have laid waste to the music scene with grooves so contagious and an over-the-top stage show that has left audiences mesmerized and funkified. Equal parts funk musicianship and excessive funk party madness, lead vocalist Parry Casto, bassist Stephen Harper, guitarist Michael Smith, drummer Alex McCoy, trumpet player Christian Tanzey, keyboardist/guitarist Randy Gilkey, and saxophonist Chris Clark unleash a unique brand of raucous party funk to any neighborhood they frequent.

With the recent release of the band’s debut EP, Thrust If You Must, THE M.F.B. presents a collection songs by musicians willing and eager to have audiences and listeners to dance the floor to a tilt. Produced by THE M.F.B. and Brad Kinder at Big River Records, the five songs on Thrust If You Must include the debut single “Funkin’ Up The Neighborhood”, a lighthearted, feel-good party track that combines hard-hitting funk rock with modern pop sensibilities. “Funkin’ Up The Neighborhood”, along with the accompanying video, struck a chord in the region and has garnered almost 40K views to date. The second single and video, “Thigh Gap Mishap”, conjures a genre-bending funk anthem for empowering women to shake off the shackles of societal expectations of attractiveness. Song titles on the EP may be considered risqué, but they are composed with a tongue planted firmly in cheek, mirroring THE M.F.B.’s ethos in their playful, funky, intensely fun, and barely-controlled live stage shows.

As THE M.F.B.’s leader of perpetual motion Casto, aka “Funkle Sam”, combines the theatrics of Freddie Mercury, the eccentricity of Frank Zappa, and dancing prowess of James Brown. What separates this band from others is the frenetic explosion of unending energy that exudes from a live performance from THE M.F.B.. A hedonistic crescendo of raw energy and musicianship of THE M.F.B.’s shows spill from stage to dance floor to cultivate impromptu conga lines, dance competitions, and an intense funky insanity that marks the band as insatiable for good times. THE M.F.B.’s shows are expectation-defying experiences ushered in by a whirlwind of funk, deft thrusting, and subtle innuendo, that broadens smiles and brings the crowds to anxiously await the opportunity to dance right back for the next show.