Hellnaw is a two-man rhythm section (bass and drums) that sounds like Les Claypool and John Bonham throwing a temper tantrum in unison. Stationed in Athens, Ohio, Josh Wicker and Wren Fenton combine technical chemistry, improvisation, gritty licks, and filthy grooves to create a powerhouse of sound.

“My first thought when I heard about this duo, “Bass and drums? I wonder how they pull that off..” The answer, amazingly. This band I often think of as a jam band, but this isn’t your typical jam band, they take it a bit harder. I also think of this band as a funk band at times, but they aren’t the typical funk sound. Their eclectric grit-funk and funk metal genres they describe themselves is probably the most accurate description you can get. This is one of my favorite acts and is definitely what I consider the most unique band in Athens.”

-Aaron “Fish” Trout (AthensMusicScene.net)