Echo Mecca

Echo Mecca is an all-original electronica duo who continues to bend genres and twist digital and organic instruments to forge their own unique sound! With influences ranging from trip hop to punk to psychedelic to dance music, members Stephanie Sayre Filson and Brad Hoffman keep bringing fresh, groovy, high energy goodness to music lovers everywhere!

Definitely not to be mistaken for a down tempo band, genre-fluid Echo Mecca produces and performs all-original electronica that is simultaneously driving, enchanting and groovy … all laced with live, sultry, jazz/soul-infused vocals and thought-provoking lyrics, highly skilled Ableton production (triggered live and designed specifically for big sound), live 6-string bass and live trumpet that get audiences moving and keep them dancing!

Echo Mecca has been shattering preconceived ideas about electronic music since the band’s first live performance in 2012. With a 10-song debut album (‘…And Nothing More’, 2014) under their belts and a second full-length album (‘Collide’, 2017) freshly released on May 30, 2017, Echo Mecca has become the chameleons of the regional jam band, jamtronic and electronic music scenes.

Echo Mecca nearly tripled their live performances between 2015 and 2017, including past festival appearances at the Rootwire Transformational ARTS Festival, OH; Hookah@the Ranch Festival, OH; Kinetic Fire Festival, OH; Cirque De Virgo, KY; Geek Out 3.0, OH; Rock the Farm Festival, OH; the Sine Waves Music Festival, OH; the Adjust Your Eyes Music and Arts Festival, OH; and a special appearance at the 2016 Dayton Surrealist Ball.

The band’s 2017 performance dates include stops in West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana and New York, including confirmed bookings at the Beaux Arts Ball, KY; Hold the Note Festival, WV; Colordance Music and Arts Festival, OH; Rootwire Transformational ARTS Festival, OH; Playthink Festival, KY; the Disc Jam Music Festival, NY; Food for Folks Festival, OH; Adjust Your Eyes Festival, OH; Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret, OH; Cirque de Virgo, KY; and CLUSTXR, WV.